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About Setting Sun

For over 22 years, Setting Sun Martial Arts has trained and provided self-defense classes to Ocean Beach community. At Setting Sun we teach life lessons and the importance of discipline at a vital age in a child’s life. We work to build genuine relationships and pride for our great community!

We provide a professional, nurturing family friendly environment with caring Black Belt instructors. Our Black Belt instructors have years of experience who teach a variety of styles that include Judo, Karate, and Jiu Jitsu. Previous students often return to teach as well as mentor the students.

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Go Jiu Bujitsu

Go Jiu Bujitsu is an extremely effective hybrid and mixed martial art. Go Jiu Bujitsu consists of a perfect blend of traditional martial arts, no nonsense self-defense, and incorporates effective military and law enforcement techniques.


Students develop a strong technical and traditional foundation from white belt through black belt, through the intermediate or advanced levels in its three primary arts: Shotokan Karate; Jiu Jitsu; and Judo. After attaining the rank of black belt, students continue advanced training and are introduced to traditional Aikido; Wing Chun Kung Fu; Tai Chi along with military and law enforcement control techniques.


Go Jiu Bujitsu has it all, covering the five spatial ranges of fighting:

  • Long and short distance techniques with hard blocks, strikes and kicks
  • In-close techniques with soft/deflecting blocks, trapping and sticking techniques, elbow and knee strikes
  • Standing grappling techniques consisting of joint manipulations and locks, throws, choke and submissions
  • Ground grappling techniques involving joint manipulations and locks, chokes and submissions



Shuseki Shihan Jherie

Jherie began his Martial Arts training in his youth. He saw the importance of learning Martial Arts was not in winning medals but in building character. Jherie believes through Martial Arts we should learn perseverance: if you try hard good things will come, honesty: if you are honest people will continue to trust you, and integrity.


Shihan Hector














Go Jiu Bujitsu Belts


Go Jiu Bujitsu colored belts of white, orange, green, brown and black symbolically represent the growth of a tree from white seed to the germination process (orange); from germination to sapling; from sapling to a small tree (green); from a small tree to a tree strengthened by the development of grounded roots and protective bark (brown); and then to a fully-established strong, firm, young tree (black), which is ready to cycle in its own growth as well as to produce seeds of its own (red stripes). Belts include:


9th Kyu – White Belt

8th Kyu – Orange Belt

7th Kyu – Orange Belt with One Black Strip

6th Kyu – Green Belt

5th Kyu – Green Belt with One Black Stripe

4th Kyu – Green Belt with Two Black Stripes

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

2nd Kyu – Brown Belt with One Black Stripe

1st Kyu – Brown Belt with Two Black Stripes

Black Belt

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